Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat at Home

Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat at Home

Are you finding it increasingly challenging to fit in your old pair of denims? Are you losing motivation and self confidence because of body image issues? In either case, losing tummy fat is all you need to do. Although we do know that this is easier said than done- but with the right exercises and a proper diet regime you can actually lose belly fat at home. In the following section, we will give you a detailed insight on some of the best and the most effective exercises to reduce belly fat at home.

Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat at Home

If you’re looking to reduce belly fat, there can be no better exercise than crunches. This not only burns belly fat, but also tones your muscles and keeps you more fit and active. For starting off with this exercise, first lie flat with your back on the ground. Now slowly bend your knees while your feet, touches the ground. After this, place your hands right behind your head. Take a long deep breath and slowly lift the upper part of your body from the floor. Exhale while you lift your body. Inhale once again when you lie flat in the original position. Continue with the repeated inhaling and exhaling motion. Perform this exercise 10 times in 2 to 3 sets for quick and immediate loss of tummy fat.
Stomach Vacuum
Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat at Home

Stomach vacuum is an excellent exercise for beginners who are not really sure about the workout regimes that they should follow for losing weight. This exercise is a low impact one and it mainly focuses on your breathing. You can start by hitting the ground on your fours where you support your body on the knees and hands. After you’re comfortable with the position, start taking a deep breath and get your abdomen lose. Follow this by exhaling the breath and holding your abdominal muscles tightly during the exhalation. Continue to expand and contract while holding in and holding out your breath for 15 to 30 seconds. 15 times of this exercise for two sets, will impact your stubborn belly fat and help you to lose weight sooner.
Flutter kicks
Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat at Home

Flutter kicks are an excellent way to lose the stubborn fat from your thighs and tummy. It also plays a major role in helping you to build your abs. For this exercise, simply lie on your back. Now while keeping your hand under your back, slowly start putting your legs a couple of inches above the ground. After this, make short motions of kicking like the way you do while swimming in a back-stretch style. Try this exercise 10-15 times, in set of 2-3. This will not only tone your thighs and tummy, but also build your ab muscles.
Exercise with a stability ball
Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat at Home
A stability ball is an excellent equipment to tone up your tummy muscles. These balls are available in all major sports store. Choose a ball according to your height and weight. While a 22 inches ball would work for most women, go for an 18 inches ball if you’re less than (5’1). Again, use a 28 inches ball if you are over 5’8. Stability ball exercises are one of the quickest and simplest ways to lose belly fat at home. Here, we have shared two exercises. The first one is called Ball CurlIn order to do this, you’ll have to sit on the belly ball and keep your hands at the back of your head. Right after that, roll your body till your bottom is off the ball and a part of your lower and middle back are touching the ball. Do three to four sets of this exercise on a daily basis.
Another stability ball exercise that you can try is called pike.
Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat at Home

For this one, you will have to lie over the ball keeping your legs together. Make sure the ball is totally under your thighs. Now while keeping your legs straight, slowly keep abs in and start lifting your hips towards the ceiling. Your ball will now automatically roll along the shins. Keep doing this for one second after which you have to go lower down. Do the same thing there. Three to four sets of this exercise can easily help you lose tummy fat.
You can also try reverse crunch with a stability ball.
Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat at Home

Simply lie straight on your back and slowly press your legs on the ball. Now, lift this ball from the floor with your legs to about three to six inches. Hold it off the floor for a second or two and repeat it a couple of times. This is one of the simplest ways to lose tummy fat.
side plank
Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat at Home

For this exercise, lie on a mat, while being in a sideways, position. Now support the weight of your entire body on your right leg and right elbow. Make sure that this right elbow is just above your right shoulder. Now keep your left leg above the right one while ensuring that your knees are straight. You can then lift yourself while holding your hips off the ground. Retain this position for about 20 to 30 seconds. On proper practice, you will end up holding this up to 1 to 2 minutes. Do a similar exercise for the other side. As you practice this exercise, you will soon get the hang of it and also end up acing it. Regular sessions of side plank not only reduces your weight but also helps in building your abs.
Captain’s Chair
Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat at Home

This is another simple exercise that best suits beginners. For this, sit on your chair with an upright posture and perfectly straight shoulders. Now take a deep breath while placing both your hands on the either sides. Make sure the palms face downwards. Just like you inhaled, you will also have to exhale while bringing both your legs in an upward position, such that your knees are really close to your chest. Hold the position for about 5 to 10 seconds and then continue repeating it. This is probably one of the easiest ways to lose tummy fat.
On a concluding note
These exercises are incredibly effective and they pave way for a slender fitter and slimmer frame. Lean Belly Breakthrough is a book that recommends such exercises and a full diet program. It also gives a detailed insight on the causes and science of belly fat. I would recommend this book to everyone who’s looking for the right ways to lose tummy fat. for more shocking information about this book, visit 
The guidelines and suggestions provided here, will truly live up to your expectations.


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