IsoWhey Complete Shakes Review

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IsoWhey Complete Shakes

IsoWhey Complete shakes are good quality easy to digest nutritional product loaded with lots of proteins.
It contains ultra-pure whey protein and high grade whey focus. The product provides immediate weight loss* causing the metabolic rate of the body to function properly, which results in an increased fat burning process. Its unique formulation supports healthy weight loss* and improves* digestion. The high protein ratio keeps you fuller for longer keeps up the muscle mass.

Product Features

IsoWhey Complete Shakes
The IsoWhey Complete shakes incorporate healthy eating plans with regular exercise. The program is highly effective and sets the metabolic rate of the body on the right path by improving* your digestion. The product has high amount of protein ingredients, which are vital to maintain a healthy ratio of muscle mass while being on diet.

IsoWhey Complete Shake Ingredients

The IsoWhey Complete Shakes contain a number of ingredients some of which are not disclosed by the manufacturers. However according to the data provided, following are the important ingredients of the product.
Seagreens is an exclusive ingredient of IsoWhey Complete Shakes which is a raw super food containing anti-oxidants, polyphenols, and polysaccharides. Sea greens are a rich source of potassium, calcium, iodine, and iron.
Protiens are a biological compound, which are vital to maintain a necessary muscle mass in the body. These proteins are responsible for the growth of a healthy body. The IsoWhey Complete Shake contains 15 g of high quality active biologically active proteins.
It contains 7.5 g of carbohydrates, which are very important biological compounds and can also be referred to as sugar. They are an important source of energy for the body.
Probiotics is a biological compound that aids in digestion. Healthy digestion increases* the metabolic rate which results in consumption of the stored fats leading to weight reduction*.

Minerals and Vitamins

Minerals help the body to grow, develop and stay healthy. These essential minerals include sodium, chlorine, iron, Potassium and calcium etc. Every day the body produces skin muscles and bones, it needs vitamins to transport, process and utilize all these important life blocks in an effective manner. These include at least 30 minerals for example vitamin A, D, K etc.


  • Regarded as highly effective weight manager. According to a survey obese people using this shake program can lose* more weight in a year than those which burn calories through exercises. You will get extraordinary results while using this shake.
  • Provides you enough nutrition to maintain a healthy life. The shake is full with anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins.
  • The shake is highly low on calories and is extensively convenient to use.
  • Highly sustainable in the short run for losing weight.
  • Filled with huge amount of proteins. These proteins are highly required by the body as we grow old.


  • Cannot sustain weight in the long run. Studies have shown users lost immediate weight however they gained high amount of weight back as soon as they stopped the program. The program is only good in the short run.
  • Symptoms of headaches and dizziness have been reported by the customers.


The recommended dosage for the IsoWhey Complete is to take four scoops of 2 sachets of IsoWhey Complete on a daily basis; these need to be taken in 200ml of either water or soy or skim mill. Take the first serving of the shake with or at your breakfast; you can enhance* the flavor by adding berries; whereas the second serving needs to be taken at noon with your tea or you can also use it as your evening meal. For best use you must prepare the shake and take it at once; do not prepare it before time and store it. You must take at least 8 glasses of water daily for as long as you use the product; it will keep you healthy and make you feel good.

Final Verdict

The product claims to be ideal for people who lack protein or need more protein because of heavy cardio vascular exercises. The product is good in reducing* weight but in the short run. Long run effects have not been observed for this product. It is best to consult your physical trainer or physician before you start using IsoWhey Complete shakes. Moreover it is highly recommended that you follow a healthy diet and maintain a light exercise routine with the product.

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