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Optifast VLCD is a very low calorie diet program and is also known as VLED a very low energy diet program, and is highly effective against obesity.
The product shows immediate results within a week. User reports indicate 2 Kilos of weight is lost only in the first week. The Optifast VLCD provides greater weight loss* than any other product than any other kinds of VLCD program. The Optifast VLCD replaces the normal food intake in the beginning of the program with three of its products and also includes low starch vegetables and calorie free fluids. There are 15 Optifast VLCD products in range available for the consumers. As the users start to lose* weight and advance with the program the dairy and low calorie meals are reintroduced into the diet.

Optifast VLCD Ingredients

Optifast VLCD
  • Skimmed Milk: It contains 36% skimmed milk. Skim milk powder is a non-fat dry milk powder. It is obtained by removing* water from the skimmed pasteurized milk. It is very useful in heat treatment. Also contains 13% Calcium Casienate and and Sodium Casienate, Inolin, Maltodexctrin.
  • Sugar: The product contains 13% of sugar, included in the skimmed milk contents, which is also a source of energy for the body; however excess amount of sugar is dangerous for the body.
  • Vegetable Oil and Fructose: The vegetable oils are extracted from the plants and have been in human use for centuries. The vegetable oil especially the olive oil is recommended by the doctors for obese people. The product contains 13 % vegetable oil and fructose which are also included in the ratio of skimmed milk elements. Fructose is the natural sweetener and prevents the body to store extra fat in the body.
  • Minerals and vitamins: The shake contains a huge variety of natural minerals and vitamins which are considered essential for positive growth and maintenance of the body. These include Tricalcium phosphate Riboflavin 0.85mg, Niacin B3 , Potassium iodide, Ferric Pirophosphate, Vitamin C 16.5mg, Vitamin D 5mg, Vitamin E 5 mg, Vitamin B6 0.7mg, Vitamin B12 1mg, Folate 100mg, Vitamin A 257 mg , Calcium 400 mg, Manganese sulphate, Thiamin hydrochloride, antioxidants.
  • Soy Milk: The Soymilk is plant milk that is made by soaking dried soy beans and grinding them in water. It has great health benefits which include blocking of fat absorption, increase* metabolism, and reduce* stress.


The Optifast VLCD program is used over 4 different phases according to your current weight loss* objectives.
The first phase helps you with effective and rapid weight loss*. Your source of nutrition during this phase becomes limited to Optifast VLCD and two cups vegetables that are low starch and one tea spoon of oil; this combination gives you fewer than 800 calories every day. During this phase you must consumer two liters of water on a daily basis.
The intensive phase program also includes ketosis.
The next phase is the transition phase which includes;
  • 2 Optifast VLCD bars or sachet
  • 1 meal that is low calorie
  • 2 cups of vegetables that have starch
  • 1 fruit serve
  • 1 dairy serve
  • Water 2 liters
You will get 800 or 1000 calories every day during this phase.
Then is the maintenance phasing in which only one bar or sachet of the product is taken; you add another meal to your diet that is low calorie. During this phase you take;
  • 1 product of Optifast VLCD
  • 2 meals that are low calorie; each meal should have around 400 calories.
  • 2 cups of vegetables that have low starch
  • Fruits 2 serves
  • Dairy just 1 serve
  • Water 2 liters
Then comes the stabilization phase
You add a third meal to your diet, which should be low calorie and you stop taking Optifast VLCD. During this phase your diet will include;
  • Three meals that are low calorie
  • 2 cups of vegetables that are low starch
  • Fruits 2 serves
  • Dairy 1 serve
  • Water 2 liters
Your calorie intake during this phase is restricted to 1200 or 1500 calories daily. The phase’s nutrition component needs constant check in terms of meal plans. You must consult a professional for proper guidance and support.

Last Verdict

The Optifast VLCD is an obesity killer program which consists of 4 phases. The users start to lose* weight as each stage advances and the finally in the fourth phase the user learns how to maintain the body weight and health.
Below you'll find some of the most effective weight loss supplements on the market today, in our opinion.


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